Castor Oil for Wrinkles

We have been researching for essential oils that help heal and nourish the skin. We will surely come across many options in the market. Some help with softening the cuticles, others with the hair and there are also a few made to help with moisturizing the skin. Of course, not all these oils can be used interchangeably to get results. You have to carefully know about them one by one before even saying you can use them for your particular concern.

For wrinkles, there are a few great types of oils that will help. Will castor oil be a feasible option, you may ask? Well, we cannot answer the question unless we know what castor oil is and how it will help with the skin’s needs in its fight against wrinkles.Castor Oil for Wrinkles

Castor Oil Introduced

Castor oil is actually extracted from the plant called castor which is commonly grown in the native countries of Africa and Asia. Castor oil is a popular ingredient in the world of cosmetics. It has been used for decades in the world of hair care. It is also a popular part of lip balms and skin creams. Additionally, it has been applauded for its moisturizing properties rendering it a good solution to wrinkles too.

Castor Oil: What You May Fear the Most

Okay, before giving all praises to castor oil as a wrinkle cream ingredient, you still have to know about it more. Castor seeds are poisonous because of ricin which is a poisonous substance. While this is the case though, what we would want to warn you about is you should not prepare your own concoction out of castor. You have to consider buying commercially-produced items that contain it for the latter have already undergone an extraction process that may have eliminated the ricin content.

Castor Oil for the Hair and Skin: Its History

We mentioned awhile back that castor oil has been popular to the hair care and cosmetic industries. Thanks to its liniment and lubricating properties; you can use this oil for a variety of purposes. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians have relied on this oil for quite some time already. Even Europeans considered using it. In China and India, though, it was more of a purgative and laxative rather than a hair nourisher or cosmetic enhancer.

The cosmetic industry, on the other hand, relied on castor oil’s emollient properties. It has the capacity to hold the skin’s moisture thus promoting better skin look. Since it is plant-derived, it is reliable for this purpose.

Castor Oil and Wrinkles

Some skin creams have been produced with castor oil. Again, this is all thanks to its emollient properties. It has been popular components in lip balms too. Some wrinkle creams may have it too. However, you have to take note that there is still much research to be done before it can be considered a good ingredient in wrinkle creams. This being said, you may need to look for other options just so you can solve your wrinkle problem. After all, castor oil is not the only oil with proven emollient properties.

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